I’ll be filing this one under the ‘rules to be me, sucks to be you’ category on the blog: at the end of February I’m flying to the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia to do a story for The Dominion Post and

So far, the itinerary lists “snorkelling, diving, swimming with turtles, nature treks, beach volleyball, massages, seafood and cold beer” as attractions due our attention – and yeah, obviously you couldn’t see me, but I just spent five minutes after writing that looking out the window with a wistful smile.

The swimming with turtles part, I must say, I’m particularly looking forward to – though cold beer gets a tick too – and I’m in general pretty curious about Malaysia. I’ve never been there and don’t know many people who have – not compared to Thailand or Bali at least – though I suspect that will change with the new direct flights to Kuala Lumpur available from Christchurch (Air Asia X) and Auckland (Jetstar).

Also it looks like we’ll be spending a night in Kuala Lumpur – en route to all the (did I mention?) cold beer, seafood and massages – and I’m well curious as to what that’ll be like. As crazy as Bangkok? Straight-laced like Singapore? Or maybe some comfortable in-between – so if anyone reading this now has been, let me know what to expect. And flick through some tips for KL eating, drinking and good-times.

Postscript – a random Malaysia fact:

Parts of Malaysia (plus Indonesia) are home to the Bajau people who are sometimes called Sea Gypsies, and who spend almost their entire lives off land. Sea Gypsies do a lot of freediving and apparently have evolved especially to cope.

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