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If you’re wondering which novels you should read before going to London, then try  The End of the Affair, The Buddha of Suburbia, and Effra, A Novel: the first is a heart-breaking classic, the second a 90s icon, and the last is contemporary indie fiction. Together they paint you a picture of the richness, romance and intensity […]

* Allegedly, *allegedly, *allegedly, *allegedly, *allegedly, **illegibly, ***in my opinion, *allegedly, *allegedly, *allegedly. **** I reckon. That’s the best way to talk about this Banks / Dotcom palaver: if you get the legal tip-toeing out of the way first, it’s just asterisks, not lawyers, that break your flow as you try to explain it. It’s […]

A wedding, a pregnant wife, and a busy evening job at the Herald has meant my blog’s gone unloved for months – which is a shame because I’ve had some great adventures. A while back I abandoned my seriously morning-sick lady for two weeks and sailed to the Auckland Island and Campbell Island groups in […]