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As Rebecca and I renovate our old wooden house we’re turning up some interesting, disgusting, objects. Most impressive is this beautifully mummified creature which was preserved in the gap between the building’s inner and outer walls, and looks a lot like one of Jim Henson’s Skeksi creatures from the Dark Crystal movie.

Rugby rugby rugby. Cup cup cup. How many times have you heard the phrase? I’ve been working as a sub-editor lately and can confirm that every newspaper story written in New Zealand for the last two months has included a World Cup angle. Rugby rugby rugby. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the tournament immensely, […]

I’m sick I’m sick. I’m sick. I’ve been sick so long I’m bored of it. And the stuff coming out of my nose… Yesterday I actually blew something out that smelled – how is that even possible? I use my nose to smell. It came out my nose. Ergo, I should have smelt it before it arrived. […]


What a pleasure it has been travelling with Jim.  Seventy-four and snowy bearded, Jim joined us from Kathmandu to Khumjung, walking with us up to 3700 metres before heading off on a ramble down valley. Not only was Jim a mountaineer, he also taught religious studies at Canterbury University, lived in India for several years, […]