5 ideas each week

What happens if you set yourself a challenge: to come up with 5 great ideas each week? My cousin Jimmy and I decided to find out.

We’ve started a video blog documenting and sharing what we come up with. From personal development challenges, to business ideas and insights, we’re committed to sharing our inspirations. You can watch our latest video below, and subscribe to our channel here.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the next idea, or just want to try putting some of our challenges in place in your life, then you’re welcome to use any of the material you find here as you see fit. These are ideas we love, so we want to set them free – and ultimately the goal is to boost our own creativity through the discipline of creating great ideas as often as we can.

So what kind of ideas?

Our loose format for the weekly vlog goes like this:

  • At least one viable entrepreneurial idea per week. Ideas that – if you had the capital, the energy, and the time – would be a commercial success.
  • One personal challenge. What’s something that will challenge us, shake us out of our routines, or change our lives for the better? We each take turns to set a life challenge for the other, and report back on the results in the next week’s vlog.
  • One insight. These are those floaty ideas that occur to us in the course of the week that really tickle our imaginations – but maybe don’t have an obvious practical or business application. Look out for these ideas to get your own grey matter turning.
  • And a couple of randoms. Inspiration is a funny thing – let’s just see what turns up. It might be a fashion idea, something on health and fitness, an idea about mindfulness or productivity, or an idea about books or movies from out of left field. Because hey, for two guys from the bottom of the world we have some pretty diverse interests.

Who are these for?

Anyone, of course – but if you’re interested in unique business ideas, the daily habits of entrepreneurs, an inspiring thought for the day, or you simply want to refresh your to-do list, then this channel is for you.

Who are we?

Teacher, sportsman and ideas guy James Roughan
Jimmy Roughan

Jimmy – aka James Roughan – is an educator, coach and trainer currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. He recently returned from Canada where he was a teacher and 1st XV rugby coach at the prestigious Mulgrave Independent School in Vancouver. Jimmy’s interests include sports and exercise, healthy living and nutrition, yoga, business and entrepreneurship, intrepid travel, technology and languages (he’s currently learning Spanish).



Writer and ideas guy Greg Roughan
Greg Roughan

Greg Roughan (Jimmy’s cousin) also lives in Auckland. Formerly of London and Christchurch he’s the managing editor of a content marketing agency, and has a long background in publishing, editing and writing (you’re reading his blog right now). His many interests include wildlife conservation, hunting, surfing, spearfishing and free diving. You can read some of his contributions to magazines and newspapers, including North & South and the Sunday Star-Times, here.

Watch all the videos in sequence

Episode one kicks off the challenge with an adventure sport idea (avalanche-zorbing!) a data project, book insights, some workplace inspiration, and a personal wake-up challenge.