Category: Publishing a novel

In lieu of anything exciting happening to me this week, I thought I’d post the last of the Laws accidental poetry – I actually put the concept into a book proposal and sent it to some publishers. Random House sent back the standard gracious, thanks-but-no-thanks form letter; Allen & Unwin were cautiously keen before backing […]

Some good news on the fiction front! Not for me, but my friend Melissa Harrison. I think of Mel as one of my closer pals – she’s the person I’ve spoken to most about writing fiction – and she found out today that her fiction project has been accepted by a publisher. I’ve never met […]

I just got my first rejection letter from a New Zealand publisher. A while ago I finished a fiction manuscript that I’m pretty happy with – happy, considering it’s a first and self-taught attempt – and started shopping it round literary agents in the UK. It’s set in England and I’d love to have it […]