Buy my novel on Amazon!

Hooray! Today my novel became available on

It’s called Effra: a love story, and it’s a cracking read.

Click here to go through.

A fast-moving gothic fairytale, the story brings together a modern-day Fagan, a young man lost in London – and something bigger and nastier than both of them – all unified by loss and a hunger for greater things.

The action plays out above the lost rivers of London, buried waterways which have loaned their names to the city’s streets. Rivers such as the Fleet, the Wandle, and the titular Effra map the currents of the narrative, drawing the characters into a deeper discovery of old and ever-new London.

And you can buy it for US2.99 – that’s a serious bargain (I think).

Download it and read it on a Kindle if you have one, or on the Kindle app on iPad, iPhone, Mac computers, PCs, Android devices and lots of other readers.

As many people know this has been a big project for me, and I’ve put a lot into it – including quitting a job and working part time to get it done. And the good news is I’m stoked with the result. So go on – click here to flick through some sample pages on Amazon.

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