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Buried rivers are cool. So cool that I was inspired to write a novel about the people who live above them. But there’s nothing fictional about the lost rivers that run underneath London. Here are some of the spooky streams that still flow beneath the feet of Londoners today. The Fleet the mysterious River Fleet […]

If you’re wondering which novels you should read before going to London, then try  The End of the Affair, The Buddha of Suburbia, and Effra, A Novel: the first is a heart-breaking classic, the second a 90s icon, and the last is contemporary indie fiction. Together they paint you a picture of the richness, romance and intensity […]

* Allegedly, *allegedly, *allegedly, *allegedly, *allegedly, **illegibly, ***in my opinion, *allegedly, *allegedly, *allegedly. **** I reckon. That’s the best way to talk about this Banks / Dotcom palaver: if you get the legal tip-toeing out of the way first, it’s just asterisks, not lawyers, that break your flow as you try to explain it. It’s […]

A wedding, a pregnant wife, and a busy evening job at the Herald has meant my blog’s gone unloved for months – which is a shame because I’ve had some great adventures. A while back I abandoned my seriously morning-sick lady for two weeks and sailed to the Auckland Island and Campbell Island groups in […]