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You’d think it was unsporting if the IRB predicted the outcome to every Rugby World Cup pool match, wouldn’t you? But that’s exactly what they’ve done. Check it out. I was looking up match fixtures on the official site today and noticed something funny. Do you see how some teams are listed just on […]

On February 22 a 6.3 magnitude earthquake demolished most of Christchurch, which is my hometown, and turned the spire of its iconic cathedral into a pile of dark-stoned rubble. I went back to Christchurch recently, for the first time since the quake, and it’s funny. You walk down a street and you’re sure you remember […]

Writing fiction is hard, but writing good fiction is harder. And if you want to write good fiction – stories that people like to read and find satisfying – there are some plot devices that are so hackneyed they must never be used again. So even if you want to use one of these, and you were going […]


What a pleasure it has been travelling with Jim.  Seventy-four and snowy bearded, Jim joined us from Kathmandu to Khumjung, walking with us up to 3700 metres before heading off on a ramble down valley. Not only was Jim a mountaineer, he also taught religious studies at Canterbury University, lived in India for several years, […]