Some ideas just need a biro…

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Okay you know when you have that extra coffee of an afternoon and you get just a liiittle too buzzy – but then you’re hit by an idea that’s just SO GOOD you have to tell someone straight away? Okay, so we’re there, right? Which is why I’m presenting to you – apropos of nada and before the caffeine wears off – the latest adventure sport from the country that invented most of ‘em:


Yeah, you got it – deliberately riding avalanches inside zorbs.

Now, I could detail in words exactly how this brilliant idea works, but why deny us all the pleasure of a scanned and uploaded blue biro sketch?!



  1. Zorbalanching! Sold. And safer than normal Zorbing because you are tethered the whole time, so all those boring disclaimers and waivers wouldn’t be needed…

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