Hating on Auckland town

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Sometimes I despise the rest of this country for its knee-jerk hatred of Auckland. For the way the word ‘latte’, spoken by an Aucklander anywhere out of their city, is cue for an eye-rolling jazz-handing “oooh, fancy!” The way doing anything more sophisticated than chopping carrots julienne style is a sign of the most condescending social snobbery. The way peoples’ faces drop when you’re on holiday and say that you’ve come from Auckland, then brighten when you add “but I was born on the Mainland”. For the way this charmingly provincial white-picket-fence harbour town is viewed, by the rest of the country, as a roaring, money-hungry, I-stayed-once-but-the-traffic-kept-me-awake centre of somehow un-New Zealand commerce, greed and vice – and then you drive home late and see the neighbours’ new festive season Christmas lights and think “Yeah, nah…

“Fair enough.”


  1. Reminds me of old Scrooge McDuck’s money vault.. It is the festive season when we see more of the more traditional Scrooge isn’t it? You know… its a toned down McDuck message… Scrooge with a touch of class.. very Auckland.

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