Author: Greg Roughan

Rugby rugby rugby. Cup cup cup. How many times have you heard the phrase? I’ve been working as a sub-editor lately and can confirm that every newspaper story written in New Zealand for the last two months has included a World Cup angle. Rugby rugby rugby. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the tournament immensely, […]

I’m sick I’m sick. I’m sick. I’ve been sick so long I’m bored of it. And the stuff coming out of my nose… Yesterday I actually blew something out that smelled – how is that even possible? I use my nose to smell. It came out my nose. Ergo, I should have smelt it before it arrived. […]


What a pleasure it has been travelling with Jim.  Seventy-four and snowy bearded, Jim joined us from Kathmandu to Khumjung, walking with us up to 3700 metres before heading off on a ramble down valley. Not only was Jim a mountaineer, he also taught religious studies at Canterbury University, lived in India for several years, […]

Though I know it was shot on the cheap in the LA Chinatown, the hokey Eddie Murphy film The Golden Child still shapes the way I see Kathmandu. We fly in on a warm morning, drive through town, and the city looks like the too-cheesy handiwork of a set designer who needs to learn some […]

Adios, folks. Rebecca and I are off in the morning to Nepal, where I’d count it one of my peak life experiences to see one of these in the wild: Realistically, that’s about as likely as Don Brash performing a haka for Queen Elizabeth – but I dunno… sometimes I think I was kind of […]

In lieu of anything exciting happening to me this week, I thought I’d post the last of the Laws accidental poetry – I actually put the concept into a book proposal and sent it to some publishers. Random House sent back the standard gracious, thanks-but-no-thanks form letter; Allen & Unwin were cautiously keen before backing […]